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PimaTucson Housing Innovation Hub Buzzes Around Town for LIGHTHOUSE

The Tucson IDA and Pima IDA's conjoint housing initiative, PimaTucson LIGHTHOUSE has garnered radio and podcast attention to spread the word on its new affordable housing program.

It's no secret the PimaTucson LIGHTHOUSE program has been an instant hit for local homebuyers and lenders alike. Community Development Champion for the Tucson IDA and LIGHTHOUSE lead Nicole Johnson has been invited to several podcasts to spread the word on this innovative and equitable program. Check out some of the podcasts Nicole has been featured on here! NALFHA Affordable Housing Podcast Tom J. Krieger Team | Nitty Gritty Real Estate Podcast Aside from our team spreading the word about LIGHTHOUSE, several lenders and real estate agents have been successfully informing homebuyers on the program's latest updates.

Cross Country Mortgage OMNI Homes International Learn more about Housing Innovation Hub's impact on the community with its first downpayment assistance program, PimaTucson Homebuyer's Solution! Featuring our Bilingual Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca Meyer, in Spanish.


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